AI Degree Program for Dubai Police Academy


What: AI Training Course

Time: January 2019,

Duration: 16 sessions

Learning outcomes:

  • General introduction of Artificial intelligence
  • Practical Application and developments based on modules


What: AI Diploma/Degree

Time: September 2019,

Duration: 3-4 years


Educational goals:

  • To provide knowledge and skills for managerial, executive and tech developers in police force
  • To prepare a AI talent pool in Dubai police force
  • To Apply AI problem solving techniques, knowledge representation, and reasoning methods in knowledge based systems.
  • To Develop simple intelligent/expert system using available tools and techniques of AI to analyze and interpret domain knowledge.

Innovative Learning:

In class lectures and practices

AI lab exercises

On-site visits

International exchange and collaborations

Year 1: programming, principles, mathematics

Year 2: advanced programming, data structure,

Year 3: specialized area of choices

Year 4: build a portfolio; learn to develop a viable project; study in China

Team/ By whom(selected):

Dr. Ren Changrui, STSM, Chief Scientist, IBM Research China

Dr. Zhang Jinchao, Scientist, Wechat NLP Center, China

Prof. Xu Lai, data scientist, World Bank Group

Dr. Su Shun, AI Researcher, Apple Company Inc.

Prof. Haleema, Research Director, YAP Centre, UAE

Prof. Glen Qin, President and Professor, Californian Science and Technology University

Dr. Zhan Peng, AI Researcher and Secretary-General, Qianhai Institute of Innovation, Shenzhen, China

In Partnership with:

Tsinghua University Lab of E-Transaction Technologies, IBM Research China, HIT Robot Group, Tecent Labs, Baidu AI


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